Carrying, birthing and parenting a child is a transformative experience. In working with Full Moon Midwifery you will receive comprehensive care that includes attention to each of these areas and all the decisions, concerns, and joys that accompany them. We will attend to your body, mind and spirit. We offer our own experience and knowledge along with referrals to other caring practitioners. During your pregnancy, we will work to develop a relationship of mutual trust by spending time with you and hearing what is important to you in this process. We want your care to be reflective of your values.

We hope to include all who are invited to the birth in such a way that is comfortable and affirming. By offering support and education, fathers or partners may participate in the birth of their child to the degree that they wish. We want to encourage early bonding and connection for both parents by giving them choices and opportunities to be active in bringing their child into the world. For single mothers we offer our support and presence along with encouraging the participation of those who are close to her. We are committed to facilitating a joyful, calm, satisfying birth experience for the whole family.