From the moment I met Celeste, I knew she was the midwife for me and my family. Her professionalism is impeccable. The support she gave us throughout our pregnancy, during our birth and even still today is undying. We could not have been more pleased with our choice to pick Celeste to guide us on our amazing birth journey. - The Georgie & Jason Honl Family

 "I believe in my ability to give birth naturally, as women have done since the beginning of time, up until the last fifty years.  I'm sure the reason I had two painless births was due to the fact that I felt secure and undisturbed at home. It felt right to welcome our little one into the closeness of my family in the place I felt most comfortable. For me, giving birth at home was an empowering and incredibly beautiful experience!" - Sabrina

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"Our two homebirths have far exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Sometimes I honestly felt like I was going crazy but the support, knowledge, and gentle encouragement I received from Celeste made such an impact in the way we made decisions before, during, and after giving birth to our daughters. I am so thankful not only for the outcomes of healthy single and multiple births (with one baby breech) but for the processing and growth that happened in our lives as we prepared in hope for our girls arrival. My children are my treasures and I take caring for them very seriously - Celeste's excellence and wisdom as a midwife and mother are invaluable to me." - Jaime

"Celeste truly understands the heartbeat of our values as a couple and helps us navigate the many decisions surrounding birth with confidence, clarity, and passion. I have been blessed to be an intricate part of the births of my daughters and am continually thankful we made the decision to birth at home." - Jonathan

"Celeste is an excellent midwife.  Her trust in women’s ability to birth naturally, without interference, inspired confidence in me and positively influenced my two beautiful homebirths.  She looks at birth from not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual perspectives, which are equally important.  She stayed by my side and encouraged me in moments of desperation through my first very long labor and helped me to use the lessons from that experience in my second, short and sweet labor.” - Suzy

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"Celeste’s trust in birth and in my wife’s ability to move through difficult phases of the labor made all of the difference.  Calm, reassuring and most of all present, Celeste’s contribution to our birth started long before the labor began. Celeste’s greatest gift is her thorough understanding of birth at all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical." - Chris

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Celeste is warm, caring, knowledgeable, and experienced, but the adjective that best describes her care is supportive. As I changed and grew through pregnancy, birth, and (for me) a difficult postpartum period, Celeste was the support structure around my chosen path. When people, circumstances, fear, or pain pushed me off that path, Celeste was there providing exactly what I needed to resume my journey, from words of encouragement to supplying help when I wasn’t able to ask for it myself. I wish the same support for all women, no matter which path they choose. - Sirikit


Photo of Baby's Feet: Little Joy by Ravyn Stadick