Birth in Water

At Full Moon Midwifery we support and encourage the use of water during labor and birth.  For many women water is a comforting, relaxing, protective place to be. Warm water allows women a natural, effective way to deal with pain in labor.  Birth tubs are large enough to give the woman space and buoyancy to move freely in many positions as well as have their partners with them for support or comfort.

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Water helps to ease babies out with less chance of tears and greater ease for women to catch their own babies if they wish. There are many options for birthing tubs from built-in Jacuzzis to kiddie pools, to tubs designed specifically for birth. The normal sized bathtub is not large enough or comfortable enough to provide most women what they need in labor. We rent out our Aqua Doula birth tub for clients. Many women in our practice who have used water in their labors and births have found the relief and relaxation to be amazing. The shower can be a great comfort as well. One woman loved the shower so much she chose to stay standing in it to push her baby out. We turned off the spray as the baby’s head emerged!

Some women choose only to labor in water and to birth “on land” while others labor many hours in the water or get in only during pushing. To catch ones own baby in either setting can be an empowering experience for women. Some find that in the intensity of those final moments of pushing they desire the midwife to catch their baby. We support and accommodate your individual preferences.

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Catching her own baby is a powerful way for a woman to affirm the work she’s done, the trust she has in her own body, and the love she feels for her newborn! Being in a birth tub aids this experience immeasurably.

Some women aren’t in the position or state of mind to catch their baby. Birthing tubs allow for the partner to do so either from the side of the tub or inside of it. This experience of receiving a child from the mother can be a great gift and a powerful reminder of the deep connection between father and child. The baby is lifted gently from the water and placed into the woman’s arms.

Photos: Little Joy by Ravyn Stadick